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About IPL

If you struggle with how your facial skin looks because of fine lines, sun damage, or dark spots, we can offer you a skin analysis at our Houston, TX office to see if you qualify for intense pulsed light therapy (IPL). An IPL photofacial is a skin rejuvenation treatment for adult men and women with wrinkles and hyperpigmentation issues within their skin. IPL is not an invasive procedure, but it is effective and will produce results. This treatment is known to work best on patients with light skin and who do not tan well. Using light, our innovative IPL technology will send intense wavelengths of light to damage the skin just enough to ignite the skin regeneration process and boost collagen production. As the skin heals itself, you will see a healthier complexion, more even tone, and less dark spots. At Nuveau Plastic Surgery, Dr. Edward Lee would like to offer you a consultation to see if IPL is the right rejuvenation treatment for your skin tone and texture.

Ideal Candidates

Candidates for IPL may have a combination of concerns with their skin. IPL works wonders with sun-damaged skin, splotchy red facial skin, visible facial blood vessels, freckles, hyperpigmentation spots, enlarged pores, and fine lines and wrinkles. IPL can work deep within the layers of your skin to improve many of your concerns (especially sun spots and brown lesions), with little or no downtime. We can assess your skin to see if you are a candidate for IPL at a private consultation.

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Procedure Techniques

IPL is performed inside our office during a short 20-minute visit. We will take you into our minor procedures room to perform your IPL photofacial. We will give you protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the light energy and we will cleanse your face, dry it, and apply a cooling gel on the treatment area. The IPL is administered with a handheld device, and the technician will pass the device over your facial skin at the wavelengths needed for treatment (some areas will require more than other areas). Some patients report that this treatment does not hurt, while others say there is a slight stinging sensation. Once the treatment is over, your skin will be pink. Women may want to reapply their makeup to cover up the rosiness of their skin. There may also be some swelling.

What to Expect

There is no downtime associated with IPL. You will leave your appointment a little pink and swollen, but this will decrease as the day continues. We advise patients to keep a healing ointment on the skin's surface to help with irritation. It also helps to take an anti-inflammatory medication to help reduce swelling. Over the course of several days, the sun damage and other irregularities that rested under the skin will come to the surface and then begin to flake off.  You may not see the best results from the first session, but your skin will gradually improve over time with several IPL sessions. Ideally, we recommend approximately 3 – 6 treatments spaced monthly. It's very important to keep your skin protected from the sun at all times after receiving an IPL treatment.

Get Back your Glow

We invite you to learn more about IPL laser treatments by calling our office and scheduling a skin consultation at Nuveau Plastic Surgery. With IPL, we can go deep within the layers of your skin to help bring back your bright glow and a clear complexion.

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