Houston Woman Has Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy*

Procedure Details

Patient presented with left breast cancer with plans for simple mastectomy. Patient opted for implant-based breast reconstruction. As such, she underwent staged reconstruction in following stages: 1) Mastectomy and insertion of tissue expander. The expander was inflated every week until the desired volume was reached. 2) Removal of tissue expander and placement of permanent implant. The expander was removed and appropriately sized permanent silicone implant was inserted to match the contralateral side. 3) Nipple reconstruction and nipple-areolar tattooing. Nipple was created using patient's own tissue and then the nipple-areolar complex was tattooed. 4) Other procedures. Breast reconstruction may also include fat grafting to enhance shape, form and volume of the reconstructed breast. It may also include reduction and/or augmentation of the contralateral (unaffected) breast. Lastly, nipple may be created just with 3-D tattooing (as opposed to creation of the nipple mound through surgery).


Houston Methodist Hospital

*All before & after photos are patients of Nuveau Plastic Surgery. Individual results will vary.