How To Remove Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Dr. Edward Lee | 06/17/2021

Tired of loose skin after weight loss? Learn how we can remove it.


How To Find the Right Plastic Surgeon in Houston, TX

Dr. Edward Lee | 05/19/2021

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is a decision that cannot be taken lightly.


6 Questions to Ask your MedSpa Before Lip Injections

Dr. Edward Lee | 05/11/2021

Considering lip injections? Ask your medspa these questions first!


5 Things to Know About Arm Lifts

Dr. Edward Lee | 04/26/2021

If you are tired of loose skin in your upper arms, learn more about arm lift surgery in our latest blog!


3 Effective Skin Tightening Treatments You Should Know About

Dr. Edward Lee | 04/12/2021

Learn more about three minimally invasive skin tightening treatments that work!


Surgical & Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: What's the Difference?

Dr. Edward Lee | 03/25/2021

Considering a rhinoplasty? Learn the differences between these two procedures.


The Busy Mom’s Guide to a Mommy Makeover

Dr. Edward Lee | 03/17/2021

Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting times of your life!


CoolSculpting vs. Emsculpt | Nuveau Plastic Surgery

Dr. Edward Lee | 03/01/2021

We discuss each procedure’s purpose, technology, and safety, so you can choose the right body contouring treatment to get the shape you desire.


The Ultimate Guide to Blepharoplasty | Nuveau Plastic Surgery

Dr. Edward Lee | 02/17/2021

If you are considering eyelid surgery, you might have a few questions. In our blog, you can learn more about the Blepharoplasty procedure. Read more!


Top 7 Things You Need to Know About Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Edward Lee | 01/20/2021

If you have considered having a laser skin resurfacing treatment done, we've covered 7 things you need to know about laser skin resurfacing here.


A Beginner’s Guide to a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Dr. Edward Lee | 01/11/2021

Interested in learning more about a Tummy Tuck procedure? Read more about this procedure from Dr. Lee, Houston Plastic Surgeon.


Everything You Need to Know About Profound RF Microneedling

Dr. Edward Lee | 12/09/2020

Tired of fine lines and signs of aging but not sure what treatment can help?


Everything You Need to Know About Chin Augmentation

Dr. Edward Lee | 11/10/2020

Chin augmentation, also referred to as genioplasty, is a cosmetic surgery designed to enhance jawline! Read more about chin augmentation in this blog!


Debunking Botox Myths

Dr. Edward Lee | 10/05/2020

Despite being tried and tested for over 20 years, misinformation and myths surrounding Botox have no end.


FaceTite FAQs – Facelift without the Surgery

Dr. Edward Lee | 09/09/2020

If you’re worried about loose skin, FaceTite is one of the most popular options!


Botox vs Dysport: Which is better?

Sarah Young | 08/03/2020

Summary of different types of botulinum toxin. Is there a difference?


Botulinum Toxin (Botox) for Treatment of Smile Deformities (ie Gummy Smile)

Dr. Edward Lee | 02/05/2020

Many people have what is described as "gummy smile." Botulinum toxin can be used to treat this as well as other smile deformities.


Botox can reduce size of jaw muscle for non-surgical v-line contouring

Dr. Edward Lee | 02/05/2020

Botulinum toxin A can be used for non-surgical v-line contouring. It helps reduce TMJ (jaw joint) pain as well as reduce size of the cheek muscle.



Dr. Edward Lee | 02/04/2020

Our research has shown double eyelid surgery can lower eyebrow. This should be discussed with each and every patient desiring double eyelid surgery.


The Ultimate Guide to Body Sculpting Treatment In Houston, TX

Dr. Edward Lee | 06/14/2019

We’ve set out to deliver you The Ultimate Guide to Body Sculpting – to help answer those lingering questions of the different options available to you


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